02 . Dec . 2019

No More Monday Blues with Coworking!


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Zioks: No More Monday Blues with Coworking!

Monday is infamous for being the most dreaded day of the working week. For many, especially those who work in traditional offices, Monday represents the start of another 40 hour cycle of work. Which is loosely the case no matter what your lifestyle is—hey, everybody works. Your attitude towards Mondays is more dependent on whether your work provides fulfillment.

For coworking members, Mondays represent something different. They are revitalizing and are the start of another week of networking opportunities, job responsibilities and business growth. For entrepreneurs, startup owners and even corporate members; Monday has less admin—the bombardment of emails are more likely to come on Tuesday or later. Monday is a great time to recalibrate yourself and your team, take a moment to review your goals and envision where you’d ideally like to be by Friday.

Coworking spaces come with more flexibility. Members have the freedom to enter the space on the weekend as well. Founders and managers often like to use this to their advantage and begin an instance of work on Sunday. This often contains reading any early messages they’ve received for the upcoming week, reviewing their schedule or calendar and planning any tasks. Another good idea is to read any media that is relevant to your business or industry. The idea of starting some preparation on Sunday isn’t just for organization, it’s to combat the Sunday afternoon anxiety that comes from thinking about the week ahead and proactively taking action against it.

It doesn’t have to be work related either, some coworkers like to do something on Sunday that they find sparks joy or calm to bring into the week ahead. Some like to go out for brunch, others like to make a special home cooked meal. Everyone has different rituals that get them in the spirit for a productive week ahead.

The flexibility that comes with coworking also means that members don’t work the same days as a traditional working week. Monday may not even be a day that you work, it could be a day spent travelling, it could be a day off! Half of the belief in thinking “I hate Mondays” is just a recurring thought pattern shared by those around us. One of the big attractions of coworking spaces is joining a community of like-minded individuals; if you want to make the most of Mondays, you can bet everyone else wants to as well.

A big difference when entering a coworking space on a Monday is that members aren’t re-entering another monotonous routine. Coworking spaces are full of variation and creativity, often in the form of networking opportunities. However, many coworkers enjoy coworking spaces simply for more social opportunities. Meeting someone new and conversing about your weekend is what makes a Monday a lot more enjoyable. Compared to their previous experience in a traditional office space, where conversation was limited to breaks or brief chats over the water cooler, every day in a coworking space comes with social freedom for coworking members.

To sum things up, your approach to Monday is all about perception. Coworking spaces make it easier to feel excited for Mondays as they represent new opportunities and business growth. They promote well-being and help you turn Sunday or Monday blues into productive or joyful action. This is another reason why the amount of people switching to coworking is increasing everyday, yet it’s also one of those factors that can’t necessarily be measured. Upon realising that Monday didn’t need to have such a negative stigma, you’ll wish you had begun coworking a long time ago.

If you’d like to experience better Mondays for yourself, consider becoming a coworking member at Zioks, our shared office space in Kolkata.

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