19 . Mar . 2024

Why Rent a Furnished Office Space For Your Team?


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Zioks: Why Rent a Furnished Office Space For Your Team?

Summary: Going through the pricing, design, amenities, office community and much more is crucial for renting a furnished office space when you’re ready to move in and work. Managing a qualified team of talented employees to help grow your business is the second task after looking into the reasons to rent a fully furnished space in the initial days of building a business.

Starting a new business can be quite a task—searching for top talent and an ideal space to work from at the same time is a long journey that must be accomplished sooner rather than later. Your brand makes the first impression on its members. Having a good space with proper furniture, aesthetics and excellent management is necessary for all business members. The right creativity and focus come with a well-equipped office space that’s fully furnished, offering a great choice to move in. As per the Harvard Business Review, a clean office space impacts the mental and physical environment of working staff. It brings out a positive impression on your business investors and clients, and also improves each team member’s performance.

Why Is Renting A Furnished Office Space Necessary?

The question—”Is it worth renting a furnished office space for my team?” pops up in every business owner’s mind looking for a suitable office space to start a new business. For them, saving money and time are essentials while space security and other infrastructure facilities are necessities. Luckily, coworking spaces offer everything, including open workstations, event rooms, personal pods, and many more. Here’s why:

#1 Cost-Effectiveness

Every furnished space has a different pricing strategy based on available furniture, lighting, conference and accessible rooms, extra amenities, etc., amenities, etc. Before looking for such workspaces, you need to decide on a budget to afford the right membership. Also, find out if there are any hidden costs when you go to make a deal. Often, multiple benefits are covered when renting a luxury office space. But, finding ways to make everything affordable (like when choosing coworking) is up to you. Coworking spaces give you the best deals, as you can further negotiate on them and use pre-installed furnishers to design your entire space. This is a great idea as compared to renting traditional office spaces or other workspaces.

#2 Less Time Consuming

Time is precious to all of us; thus, utilizing it to focus on critical tasks like employee and financial management is way more necessary for a new business than anything else. While you’re researching for coworking, you’ll find that such office spaces come fully furnished. It saves you time by already completing the interiors for you, helping you to complete the set-up in a shorter span of time.

#3 IT Infrastructure and Facilities

Network connections have become so essential to us that no worker can ever bear an internet outage in their workspace. For this, coworking spaces contain power backups and plugs for easy access to laptops with a smooth flow of internet. Moreover, they also contain IT and support teams to fix any issues that limit workers from achieving their daily goals.

#4 Area Designing

There is no universal “best” workspace design . There are numerous designs and patterns of a room that you may like or dislike. For example, If you’re a business owner bearing several teams and clients, you’ll probably look for a coworking space that contains conference rooms and other suitable areas from which you can easily conduct meetings. Apart from this, furniture selection (like couches, bean bags, traditional office desks, chairs etc) is another key factor. Although there are many options available, you need to finally decide on what is best suitable for your employees and clients so that you can manage the whole setup accordingly.

#5 Workspace Amenities and Facilities

For high productivity results, having a furnished workspace with all the facilities and amenities is the best choice. According to Forbes, 93% of professionals like safety options regarding to their mental health priority and office amenities that would make them stay longer. Also, workers pay extra just to get that well-equipped facility they desire. For instance, they could pay extra for a printing machine and a good-quality coffee maker, which are some of the amenities (also offered in coworking). Making a list of such necessities would help prioritize a professional’s needs even better.

#6 Community Building

While renting furnished office spaces like coworking, besides amenities, there are several other benefits to gain. You can get to meet like-minded people just like you who have similar goals and interests in work. Thus, it’s time to think about whether coworking is a better option for you or not. But before making long-term commitments in such spaces, going for a trial visit can help you make the right choice.

#7 High-Speed Internet Connection

Today, the need for a reliable network connection is in high demand. Be it a remote worker, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, everyone requires it. If you’re looking for a fully functional, furnished workspace but do not check on the accessible network connections, it’s near to not making a fair deal. Coworking offers well-tested internet speed as per your requirement that falls under an essential part when renting a space to work.

#8 High-End Security

Security problems are a huge headache when it comes to renting a workspace. Professionals usually suffer when there’s no parking space outside their office or if there is, it’s at their own risk. This brings tension and stress right in the morning hours when you should be productive. To eliminate this issue, coworking spaces contain enough CCTV cameras to keep you away from parking risks and safeguard documents when professionals are away from their workspace.

Bottom Line

A healthy workspace is essential for employees. So, building an inclusive culture with a lot of kindness, time and thought makes employees feel like they are being heard. DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) plays an important role in this, as it makes professionals in a working environment feel confident about their work. Such an experience is easily found in Zioks, a coworking space in Kolkata that’s fully furnished, along with numerous amenities and facilities like a gym, games room, cafe, printers, workstations, event rooms, medical rooms, and many more. So, your wait is over now. Make the best deal to rent it today!

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