21 . Mar . 2022

Solopreneurs & Shared Office Space: Things That Make Them a Perfect Match!


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Zioks: Solopreneurs & Shared Office Space: Things That Make Them a Perfect Match!

Summary Tech, flexibility, productivity, networking – all in the solopreneur budget and terms. That’s coworking for you. Sounds just about right?

Only a few realize the many feathers that solopreneurs have right up on their hats, especially when you’re handling everything under the sun by yourself. Yet, almost as radical as working solo may sound, they’re often left out from the professional loop and instead popularly perceived as mysterious figures or as unicorns behind a computer screen working in hiding. In reality, solopreneurs are workers by nature who need the right resources to get things rolling, just like any entrepreneur – something that can’t be done working from home alone.

Both the solopreneur and entrepreneur have to make decisions that influence their business’ performance and productivity while staying within budget restraints. Since renting physical spaces comes with long-term commitments and additional charges, they typically rule it out. Working ‘alone’ doesn’t mean becoming alienated – but simply the fact that you’re an all-rounder and you may or may not intend to expand your staff. That doesn’t take away from the fact that your networking, flexibility, and technology requirements will still be the same. Such radical worklife requires revolutionary workspaces that deliver you what you need, on your terms, while bringing the right amount of social to your solo business for balanced success. A snug fit that only niche-based coworking provides.

How coworking spaces can serve self-employed workers in-content

Credits: Four-Week MBA

(The above diagram represents the business model of a solopreneur-run enterprise – starting with mastering profitable micro niches via community and gradually moving upwards to nurture their brand and value before they decide on business scaling.)

Growing Solo

Let’s face it. Businesses can be unpredictable; the bigger it is, the more things are at stake. Under such circumstances, the best approach will be to weigh in your choices and make the most of them. Among the first things you’d need is to set up a home base of your business, and a home address is not always going to suffice. Think about it this way; if you’ve got clients/leads looking to have an elaborate meeting, your favorite coffee shops won’t get things sorted every time. You need something more.

Gaining a Business Address

The thumb rule of coworking is that you pay only for what you use. As a solopreneur, this brims up numerous possibilities – from having an upscale business signature right in the industrial hub to surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, especially its niche-based shared workspace. Additionally, if your clients/leads need to get to you after your working hours or send you mail, you can share your business center address without second thoughts or compromising your privacy. Then, just BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and get to work. It’s that easy.

We know what must be in the back of your mind – what about distractions in shared and hot desks? It doesn’t have to be noisy at all, if you’re getting your own dedicated desk/cabin, without having to worry about the utilities or maintenance. Now, isn’t that convenient?

Tech-driven Amenities

Your home/rented office would require a major financial investment to get your hands on all the peripherals you’d need. Then there are the additional expenses involved, like setting them up, routine checks, etc. Not only does that sound like a hassle, but it also makes you weigh the essentials and get only what you can afford. You don’t have to choose between what you think you need and what you never knew you needed with coworking.

Imagine—Wouldn’t it make your work a thousand times easier, if each time you needed copies of a document, or a paperclip, you just needed to click on the appropriate tab on your desktop to get things done? Or have things FedExed without having to leave your seat. In other words, what you previously thought of as extras are now lifesavers that can be found at your workplace.

Networking: A Blessing in Disguise

Before you’re quick to assume that we mean awkward conversations between strangers by networking – the short answer is no. You need to realize that almost everyone is in the same industry in a niche-based shared office space, working independently. Therefore, fellowship with like-minded individuals can provide you with more awareness of the market trends and create unexpected opportunities to assist, learn, stay inspired, and even find potential clients.

Moreover, working in too much solitude can cause you to burn out and your ideas to stagnate. And, if you’re working from home, running errands alongside work can be worse than it seems. But, on the other hand, keeping yourself surrounded by passionate professionals in an open, safe, and productive environment can help you realign your focus and revive your creativity.

Nothing can replace human interaction, especially during work. What you need to understand about coworking is it’s a synonym of community. Each community may be different as you hop from one coworking operator to another, but the essence of togetherness without making an effort stays the same. At Zioks, we understand and value flexibility over everything else. Therefore, our shared office space comes with a full range of personalized workstations, amenities, and subscription packages to meet you right where you are, giving you the control of everything you need without the overhead. Experience work like it’s meant to be firsthand, with us. See you there!

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