08 . Nov . 2019

Things To Know Before Freelancing from a Coworking Space!


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Zioks: Things To Know Before Freelancing from a Coworking Space!

These days you don’t have to be on salary in order to start making a living. Companies are realizing the perks of enabling their workforce to work remotely, rather than undertaking the expense of running an entire office. The employees are also looking for remote work as it saves them the time and money from daily commute as well as from office politics. In such scenarios, employee hiring is slowly moving towards a contract-based model.

With more and more people realizing the need to start their own business, automation taking over the enterprise and manufacturing world, and companies thinking of joining or starting a coworking space, it is evident that coworking is the future.

Deciding to freelance full-time is a huge decision in itself, even if you really enjoy pushing your boundaries. Now that the corporate ladder is isn’t just the domain of salaried employees,  vertical growth is emphasized by job titles and corner cubicles, while lateral growth is all about learning across various roles in a project or across an organization. The coworking space is apt for allowing this culture to flourish and encouraging the positive flow of creative energy, networks, and collaboration across its members. As a freelancer, coworking spaces are like an open institution where you choose to learn according to your interests and needs. According to transitioning-to-a-coworking-space-freelancers Andy Collin and Preston Lee,—known for their podcasts about freelancing life—”Time flies when you’re having fun.”

The Freelancers’ Take

As an individual freelancer or a solopreneur, coworking spaces provide various advantages over the traditional home workspace or cafe—it may start with little things like fast internet and end up with a group of passionate professionals to keep you motivated.

The first thing that makes coworking spaces undeniably great is the connection. Freelancers generally end up feeling isolated or simply uninspired to work after a certain amount of time. This can result from a lack of work challenges or even from the slow murmur from the neighboring cafe. And according to some freelancers who can relate to this, it can get pretty annoying at times.

Coworking space, on the other hand, can make a huge positive impact on the feelings of loneliness and isolation in your life, not only because you now have more opportunities to network and collaborate, but due to the heightened level of activity all around you—activity that keeps you focussed and not distracted. Coworking spaces work together as a community, and that helps you to socialize through your work. Be it the regular seminars, offsite events or even a good brainstorming session with someone who shares your work headspace; a coworking space can really help you grow as a freelancer who wants to rise above petty things like job titles and get their head around the complete work process.

The second thing that keeps freelancers on their toes is the ability to prioritize and manage their tasks right ON TIME. Generally, in a work from home setup, freelancers find their relaxation zone and work zone blending boundaries. In the end, it can lead to either idleness or a frenzy over the work that’s still pending from your side. If you’ve worked as a freelancer you can probably sympathise: how many times have you talked about taking a break on the couch and then found yourself two seasons deep into a Game of Thrones binge?

At a coworking space, the transition from your ‘work mode’ to ‘chill mode’ is healthy, without compromising on the comforts of home at all. What could become a binge-watch of TV series as a break in-home, in a coworking space becomes a quick lunch with friends in the middle of a hectic day. Because of the camaraderie that’s built between co-workers, you can easily take time off and give life some attention. There are several activities that you can always participate in that can help you keep up with your fitness and wellbeing as well as serve as a short break from your routine.

Having a high-speed internet connection can be a lifesaver. Literally.And that’s why the third most important advantage of a coworking space is its amenities. An open floor plan, flexible desk seating and lounge spaces, as well as a clean and modern aesthetic are a given for most coworking spaces. The best part is that these services are often à la carte, or available for a separate monthly rate, not forcing you to pay for things you don’t need. This may include several furniture, utensils, additional lease service charges, and appliances. Generally, a coworking space membership includes:

  • A seating place (depending on the membership level and any available desk)
  • High-speed internet (wired or WiFi)
  • Access to a shared printer, scanner or copier
  • Bookshelf space
  • Conference room usage

Coworking can greatly ease the path for starting a new business and provide the right flexibility as your business grows. A good shared working space will come with business-grade Wi-Fi, professional front-desk management, state-of-the-art-equipment, a comfortable lounge, and ergonomic furniture. The ambiance and amenities provided by a coworking space matter a lot. According to a survey of 276,000 working employees in 2100 companies, 75.5% said that something as simple as natural light made a workplace more effective.

One of the joys of working in a coworking space is bonding on innovative thinking and creativity. Coworking spaces are the hotbeds for breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions. These spaces are invaluable for creative individuals as it lets them work with and around talented and ambitious people who love to share strategies, tools, and new methods. The creativity of your team can also be encouraged in a coworking space with a strong sense of community, encouragement, freedom of expression without any of the competitive streaks of office politics. Just pure learning and innovation, right there!

There are stories of successful partnerships amongst individuals and organizations which were born out of coworking spaces because of the shared interests of their work. For Evan Garrison, a freelance analyst, the coworking space he was in helped him collaborate with some of the bigtime players of his niche, which eventually turned into a partnership. In fewer words, for a freelancer, the next big opportunity awaits or can walk right into your coworking space. All in good time.

Finally, a few things to expect or not to expect

As a freelancer, you may have been used to business card introductions, or maybe a happy client can result in breaking through to a new audience. When it comes to coworking spaces, you can always talk with other members of your facility and find out how they meet new clients. If you spend time with experienced coworkers, they often say “oh, I should introduce you to …” over a cup of coffee.


You may get approached by people with projects that may be a little outside of your niche. If this happens, even when the job doesn’t seem like a perfect fit at first glance, you can always give it a try and take that as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Zioks is the perfect fit for anyone seeking coworking space in Kolkata. With amenities like a cafeteria, lounge, cafe, gym, daycare, and more, we’re sure to meet and exceed your expectations of a coworking space.

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