03 . Mar . 2023

5 Fun Ideas To Build a Community In a Coworking Space


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Zioks: 5 Fun Ideas To Build a Community In a Coworking Space

Summary: An organization requires productivity and experts say it only comes through community building. Finding fun ideas to build connections between employees is the way to go about it.

Often we’ve noticed how people perform the same task even if it feels mundane. That’s impressive and sad at the same time. It’s great to see how people are programmed to conduct the same task over and over again. If you just ask them “How engaged are you at work?”, they’ll probably have cover-up answers. However, creativity is higher when they work in the same office and are engaged in what they do. We understand work priorities, but making time for socializing events can help employees to engage and complete tasks faster.

Coworking spaces are a savior to such workers who want to indulge in multiple activities rather than just focusing on their daily office work. Such environments drive creativity and excitement in an employee, thus, making their work fun and productive. So, just ask yourself, have you spent a couple of hours enjoying yourself in the office? Have you built more connections within your office community? If not, then coworking spaces should excite you the most. Zioks is one of them, designed to provide an excellent ambiance, wifi, and infrastructure facilities. Having fun activities cater to building a strong employee community as well.

What Makes Community Building At The Office Crucial Today?

According to Forbes, some of the biggest coworking brands like WeWork claim that 45% of their member companies appreciate their accelerating growth in productivity. Hosting events, conducting workshops, etc keeps their employees engaged and gives them a break from work. It’s easier to say “Let’s build a robust community!” than to do it, which grows with patience and acceptance of failures. The only thing required is motivation and effort to succeed in such a community. Thus, why is it crucial?

  • Working in a place without community building is next to working in an office center. Traditionally, coworking was built for freelancers and entrepreneurs, so that they could reduce their daily expenses by sharing the space with another working member. But today, this has become so diverse that large-scale businesses have also entered by looking at the excellent benefits it offers.
  • Without a community, there’s no loyalty. Many entrepreneurs wish to work in a coworking space because of how they value every employee and offer them facilities like a gym, cafe, social events, etc, to benefit them in the long run. A workplace with no such events leaves its employees feeling like they do not belong there, and they may resign at any time. 
  • A workplace that has a strong community lasts longer. This is the exact reason why customers opt for coworking spaces rather than renting an office or working in a business center.

Five Community-Building Ideas To Make Your Workplace Fun and Productive

When situations get worse, work life can become stressful, especially since COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. The consequences of work stress harm on mental health that might lead to breakdowns. Also, productivity can be lowered due to high work pressure and a bad work environment. Therefore, introducing a little fun with the help of these ideas, in such a workplace, can bring back positivity in every employee: 


Celebrating Milestone Achievements 

A great way to embrace community spirit is to celebrate the achievements of every employee. It doesn’t matter how major or minor an accomplishment is and how huge or personalized you throw a party for your employees. All that matters is appreciation once the milestones are achieved, which is the only thing that brings them closer to working harder and getting to know their colleagues.


Happy Hours After Work Hours

Social gatherings like lunch get-togethers, movie get-togethers, etc, are really important when it comes to relaxing your employees. Including drinks in those celebrations changes the environment to a much calmer and stress-free place. With such a wonderful environment, fellow employees get an excellent chance to interact with each other and make a comfortable space in the office. Such happy hours can transform your community from formal to casual, where everyone is happy to engage with each other, just like in a coworking workspace.


Game and Activity Nights

To improve teamwork, conducting games nights are essential as employees get a chance to be casual and have fun with coworkers. Whether you want to do trivia or sing karaoke, it’s totally up to you. Employee participation is the only demand here to make the activity engaging and enjoyable. 


DIY Workshops

A little fun escape from the regular working routine is necessary and DIY workshops give you that experience. It’s a perfect activity to organize that encourages people to socialize with each other. So, what’s the best part?—It’s cost-effective. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money for such workshops but just put on your caps and find ideas to uniquely engage your team members. 


Fitness Events

Hectic work life has made it difficult for workers to focus on their fitness. The outcome of this may result in sedentary lifestyle issues contributing to severe health concerns. So, organizing health events like Cardio sessions, Zumba, etc can help in relieving stress and boosting their energy. Office spaces must be flexible to provide more balance in work-life, especially in the current situation. 

You can either hire an expert or take inspiration from Zioks, a unique coworking space with a variety of amenities including a dedicated gym area to support members’ fitness. We’ve built this workspace especially for startups and large businesses besides freelancers and entrepreneurs, to give them a high-end, coworking experience of the future. Walk in and experience working with a growing community of professionals who share similar experiences and cognitive frequency as you.

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