30 . Nov . 2022

Can Coworking Spaces Influence Employee Performance?


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Zioks: Can Coworking Spaces Influence Employee Performance?

Summary: People who work in a coworking space get access to collaborative and networking opportunities, all of which help them perform better in their tasks. 

In 2022, coworking is not a new term, and people are familiar with it as one of the norms of modern work. A revolutionary concept, it is a middle-ground between the two extremes if you will. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even employees of companies (large or small) prefer these spaces.

These spaces have many amenities designed to help people from different communities. It is a well-known fact that establishing a pleasant work atmosphere is necessary to motivate people to increase their productivity. A coworking space is usually a positive environment, which can help people to relax and perform better. This blog will discuss the relationship between performance and office space. 

How do coworking spaces affect employee productivity? 

Working environments impact majorly in our productivity and overall happiness, and many factors lead to that, starting with:

Better communication 

People love bouncing off ideas from their coworkers in any setting. In a coworking space, people with different skill sets gather and can share ideas and collaborate on projects. They don’t have to visit another place to gain inspiration or ideas, which saves commute time. This allows people to focus on the project and learn new things, and in the long run, it will help them be better in their profession. Thus, when effective communication happens, it can help a company save mistakes before they occur.

You would have to Consider the opportunity of networking offered by these spaces. Here, you can be in close proximity to like-minded individuals. Yes, people may only sometimes communicate, but they know there is a community where they can get the right assistance. 

But the question is, how? An IT professional with years of industry experience can show the ropes to a freelancer just starting. He may have a lot of connections that can turn out to be prospects for the freelancer and might help him get his first project. On the other hand, the IT professional might be passionate about freelancing and learn a thing or two from the latter. As 20% of people working in these spaces are from IT, businesses from other niches benefit greatly from working with these professionals. 

Social support & work-life balance

While remote working, people may suffer mental disruptions and blockages in the absence of coworkers. They can thrive in a coworking space, as they will not feel isolated, boosting their mental health. When people are happy, they will be more focused on work, thus increasing productivity. 

People have often said they feel restricted in the traditional workspace due to competition from colleagues working on the same project. Also, they would have to present a particular persona to fit the work culture. But in coworking, this is different. They don’t come from the same background or company, and can work on their projects without creating a different persona. In addition, when people work with a diverse community of workers, they can express new perspectives and explore opportunities together.  

On the other hand, people who are working from their homes often tend to feel isolated and sometimes depressed. First, they are not seeing their colleagues in real life, just in Zoom calls. Communication can be difficult through virtual modes, and people cannot build a rapport through computer screens because they cannot understand how people on the opposite side feel or see their body language. Also, messages can get lost in the translation through Skype/ Zoom chats. On top of that,  they have personal or family-related problems. Another problem people face is logging in for longer hours, which can severely hamper their mental health. 

Women and single parents faced the worst in both these situations. They would have to take care of their children, pets, and other family members, along with their professional duties. Doing them well can be challenging in both the traditional and work-from-home settings. Also, they are not exempted from working longer hours, compared to those working from the office. This is where these flexible office spaces come in. Most of these also have daycare facilities to help members with childcare so they can focus on their work. Coworkers can also help in this regard, thus allowing people in maintaining a work-life balance. 


The whole concept of remote working is that it allows people to be flexible, but it has offered some disadvantages too. For example, people have faced issues to maintain a work-life balance. On the other hand, coworking spaces allow people to set their schedules accordingly. They can plan their day, work on the project, and interact and collaborate. It can boost a person’s creativity, and their innate focus while working on a project. There is no need for relocation or commuting. 

However, too much freedom can hamper a person’s productivity. Some structure and control is necessary to get some semblance of working in an office. Coworking is the best of both worlds, which helps people to perform efficiently. 

Due to different obstacles, some people cannot work during the traditional hours (9-5 or 10-6). Also, they do want some semblance of office, like meeting with people and being away from the distractions at home. These spaces offer that flexibility, as they are available 24/7. A freelancer can work at any time, depending on his convenience. People can find all the tools and a fully supportive team to handle issues so that everything goes without a glitch. 

Availability of Technology 

People need advanced technology to work without any disruptions. Most of these spaces come with different setups, helping people to arrange meetings, plan schedules, and manage multiple projects simultaneously. In a traditional work-space, employees will not face any problems, but in the remote working model, they might.

While working from home, people may suffer from internet connectivity issues or laptop functionality problems. However, this can be avoided by working in these unique workspaces. These spaces have high-speed internet connectivity, so you can instantly send emails and stay connected. Also, you might come across a technician in the workspace, who can help you if your device shuts down. Or you can contact the support team if anything like that happens.    


The best thing about these spaces is that everyone can set up their business or office. So, whether a solopreneur or a freelancer, a small business owner, an employee, or running a corporation, you can benefit from them. 

High productivity can be accounted for when the employee is happy, and reports show they love working in these spaces. They can find networking opportunities, better communication channels, and the scope of building trust with others while working. They can also take care of their professional and personal lives, as these offices have some dedicated support systems. 

Zioks is the answer you are looking for! Here, you will find a space with all the amenities, a dedicated reception area, printing and storage areas, high-speed Wifi and internet connectivity, and conference and meeting rooms that are well-maintained for professional usage. You can choose to work inside the office suites, cabins, or in the open workstations. 

You can also use the event room to organize corporate events, such as anniversaries or meet-ups. There are cafes, pantries, gyms, and gaming areas for your or your employee’s recreation. You will find a medical room that can be used in medical emergencies, and there is a daycare system, too, to help parents take care of their children. You can book it for your business if you want to utilize this space.

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