17 . May . 2021

Ready to Launch- A First Look at the New Coworking Space From ZIOKS


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Zioks: Ready to Launch- A First Look at the New Coworking Space From ZIOKS

The Beginning

ZIOKS had finished the brainstorming phase for our shared office space in Kolkata and started the action phase by early 2018. We scouted locations for a while, and ended up settling on one in Sector V. We believed it was the right mix of factors we wanted to define the coworking space- a tech hub near a metro hub,  with restaurants and other amenities nearby.

After securing the space, we immediately began working on plans. We knew we wanted the right mix of flex seating, personal “pods”, as well as more traditional offices. We also began the work of figuring out what sort of amenities we could offer- which ones were feasible, and which ones were not. After these decisions were made, we came up with a floor plan, and got started with interior design and construction. 

Zioks coworking space in Kolkata


Then, the pandemic happened. As with businesses in almost any sector, this was a major disruption in our plans. We knew it was no longer possible to finish construction and open anywhere near our original target date. We also had to reevaluate the future of coworking spaces. What would they look like after the pandemic? Would their popularity be affected? Would we be able to accommodate our new health-safety considerations?

In the end, we decided it was important to move forward with the project. We believed in the efficacy of coworking spaces. While many companies have moved away from traditional office work, and some will keep this trend to save money, many people much prefer an office space to working from home.

Development continued slowly throughout 2020- or rather as quickly as possible with difficulties getting building materials as well as contractors. There was a squeeze caused by both production shortages from the pandemic and increased demand as some companies choose the time with everyone out of the office to do renovations. 

With ZIOKS opening, we are proud of what we have achieved despite the challenges. We didn’t need to cut down on size or amenities, and were able to open a coworking space without compromises. We believe that we have created the perfect environment for those with office jobs that have been shed by the work from home movement. Working from home is not for everybody, nor does everyone have a home environment conducive to work. 

At ZIOKS, you will experience all of the amenities of a traditional office, but better.

Let’s take a look…


Reception at Zioks office space

A reception area where guests can sign in and be directed to their office.

Flex Seating

Flex commercial space at Zioks

The lowest cost option, members with access may use an available spot whenever they wish. This is the perfect option for the individual who needs a flexible place to work in the city, or the visitor who needs a temporary arrangement.

Personal pods

Office Space at Zioks

Offering more privacy than flex seating, these are still a cost smart option for a single member to get a space to work. Unlike flex seating, these are allocated to you. Perfect for the member that doesn’t need their own office, but needs a spot they can come to every day.

Offices – with and without cabin

Office Space with cabinOffice Space without cabin

We offer offices in a variety of sizes, a perfect dedicated workspace for your small business. Some have a “cabin”, containing a desk in its own room. The sizes range from 5 seats all the way to 21!

Office Suites

Inside Zioks office space solutions

Need a luxury executive office? Look no further! Get all the amenities of a coworking space, and the privacy of a dedicated office.

Zioks' secured office for rent

All dedicated offices have electronic locks, keeping your workspace secure while simply tapping your card to open.

Extra Spaces

Need to hold a conference or meeting? ZIOKS offers spaces you can reserve to host almost any size of gathering.

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms in Zioks, Kolkata

Perfect for smaller meetings, this room is available for anyone to rent.

Conference Room

Conference Office Space

You can reserve this room (for a fee) and have a professional place to hold larger meetings! Seats 11.

Event Room

Event room at Zioks coworking space
Need something larger than a conference room? The Event Room is available (for a fee) to hold larger events! Seats up to 80.

Meeting Lounge

Luxury Meeting room in Zioks, Kolkata

A more relaxed setting to hold a meeting, available for a fee.


ZIOKS offers a wide variety of amenities, many of which are available without any additional cost.


Cafeteria at Zioks coworking space

While there are plenty of good restaurants in the area, if you don’t want to leave the office but still get a quick meal ZIOKS has a full cafeteria and lounge area, offering a good lunch menu or a place to eat your packed lunch.

Gaming Zone

Gaming room at Zioks office space

A great spot to get to meet other people and take a break from the day’s work with some pool or foosball. 

Medical Room and Daycare

Zioks furnished office space

Get basic care if you’re not feeling well, and have a place to leave your kids if they’re out of school.


Gym at Zioks business center in Kolkata

Like to workout as part of your daily routine? Save a trip and do it at ZIOKS.

The amenities offered by ZIOKS are designed to reduce the amount of places you need to travel in a day, offering a true all in one experience- less time commuting, and a shorter and more relaxed workday.  

Phone Booths 

Phone Booth at Zioks coworking space

If you don’t have a dedicated office space, this provides the perfect space to make a private call.

Server Room

Server room at Zioks commercial space

ZIOKS offers a fully equipped server room with cooling and fire suppression, where you can collocate your own servers for a fee.

The facilities

ZIOKS has almost anything you’d need, from concierge services and administrative assistants to simple things like air purifiers available for a fee on request. The facilities are all connected to high speed wired and wireless internet, have power backup, and are routinely sanitized. 

Our goal is to provide a space with everything you need, all in one facility. We hope you’ll come visit and see what this amazing coworking space can offer you or submit a request for a coworking workspace!

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